Dr Vinod Vij Mumbai's Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Vinod Vij is a senior doctor and manages best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. When you need best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai Dr Vinod Vij stands alone in producing highest quality of results. With an experience of 25 years in this industry using all his innovative experience to improve the results of hair transplant treatment done by him.

Patient Mr Praveen Amolkar Reviews

I would like to start my reviews about Dr Vinod Vij right from the beginning. You know opting for hair transplant is quite a important decision while selecting best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. The confidence of this doctor make him different in terms of the information required and probability of success and failure when hair transplant procedure is decided. I concentrate big brands and approximately 17 doctors before finding the quality of information given in consultation by this doctor. I find this doctor being very transparent and explains you step by step procedure and the duration which goes on before the surgery and during the surgery and after the surgery the time required to see the results practically. This is something which many hair transplant clinic hide during the consultation.

Compared to other doctors he is procedure is affordable and I feel big brands charge you very high maybe 300% 400% more of the actual treatment price. I never in cured with any kind of feeling which is not comfortable. Hair transplant was done in 2017. I think it's very difficult for anyone to see me and tell I have opted for hair transplantation. It's looking more than natural and give me younger look.

The doctor has explain me certain do's and don'ts as a part of my life style. When I see other people those whose hair transplant did not work out for them, I feel quite lucky. Success rate of the grafting done by Dr Vinod Vij is very high. And the way they communicate with you from time to time for the required medications is excellent. The remind me 2 weeks before for anything that has to be taken action of. I feel Dr Vinod Vij is personally involved in all the Communications with his patients till required. Henceforth I will respond all of you looking for hair transplantation in Mumbai to once have a consultation with doctor Vinod Vij. You would certainly be delighted for the decision of contacting him as he is the best of all.

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